Hello, I'm Ashton


A wife, girl mom, follower of Jesus and lover of humans. I spent my twenties living in Los Angeles in the acting industry grind, auditioning and serving breakfast to celebrities. I danced on stage at the whiskey, booked commericials and an MTV series. Lived my own LA LA Land story and walked away in search of honesty and goodness. I truly believe that humanity shines the brightest in the REAL. Documenting your lives never ceases to be an honor. I'm addicted to love and I'm here for the real.

My Approach



A heart for all things human

A mix of guidance + observation. I cultivate an atmosphere of comfort and gentle encouragement throughout our time working together. With industry knowledge and a relational approach I support you throughout the planning process. With good energy and prompts I guide you to be present with each other and interact in an honest way that will reflect who you are as a couple, giving you photos that feel real because they are. With a secret love for big, chaotic jumbled messes of humans, I will kindly and joyfully help you navigate your amazing day. And with an eye that notices and a heart that sees I will document it all the way it happened.

Timeless style + effortless editorial edge

A clean and minimal editing style with a film feel. Elevated, editorial portraits instead of cheesy or forced ones. True candids throughout your day because real never goes out of style. Options for point + shoot film for a perfectly imperfect and tangible keepsake that's realer than electronic dust.

I'm a millennial that speaks fluent Gen Z. My business has been built with a heart of service and an affinity for effortlessly cool. Professionalism, communication, love and creative endeavor are a guarantee and joy is a must.